The Commodity of Kings ch

As I dive into  Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, I have realized success is much more than knowing what you want and getting there. It is common sense, of course, but why does it take somebody successful to tell me such news? Apparently, it’s so common that we forget that success takes real, blood, sweat, and muscle, hard work. According to Robbins, there are 7 characteristics needed to be successful no matter the era we live in. These seven characteristics are passion, belief, strategy, energy, bonding power,  and mastery of communication.

However, that is not the only “gear” we need in life to be successful. We also need to learn how to contain our power and put it to use in our lives properly. The majority of society views power as a negative capability, but being powerful doesn’t have to mean you rule over others and abuse it. Like Robbins states in his book, ‘power by definition is “the ability to act”.’ Which to me means if you have the ability to change your life, you have power over it.

Furthermore, Robbins discusses how success in his opinion is “…the ongoing process of striving to become more.” In which he displays a valid point. We do not make it to one place in life  and say, “Yes, I am happy here, I think I’ll stay in this place for the rest of my life.” Humans devote themselves to continue evolving and striving to become closer to the perfect version of themselves, every day.

In addition to reading Unlimited Power, I have been pondering how to apply this to my life… Well, in the beginning of this chapter Robbins asks a few questions such as, “How much power is right for you to obtain or develop?” as well as “What does power mean to you?” Knowing I would be discussing this on my blog, I decided to save these questions for later. Now that I am here, power to me means having the ability to have power over my own life and having the power to change my life. Having power means being able to control my wills and wants. On the other hand, How much power is right for me to obtain… The perfect amount of power to me is the amount of power to set my ideas and dreams into motions.

At last, I plan on putting chapter one to use by remembering to make simple changes to my everyday life by being mindful of the power and ability I already do have to make the changes needed to set my dreams and plans into motion. As for the quote, in the book, at the start of chapter one is, “The great end of life is not knowledge but action.”