I have recently decided to read the book Unlimited Power written by Anthony Robbins. Before I start reading, though, I want to come here and discuss what it is I am looking to get out of reading this book. So, just from reading the intro and the back of the book I know this is a self-help book (obviously, Bailli). It is a help book on how to change your characteristics that you don’t like and making them something you do like. With that,  the characteristics I found myself wanting to change are: putting my motivation and inspiration to use, making myself follow through, and following my dreams.

I will report back after each chapter I have read to relay my thoughts and discuss how said chapter has affected my thoughts and opinions. Also, I will describe how I plan to put each chapter to use if it applies to me and how I would like to change. In addition, I am also going to be doing weekly check-ins on how I am doing with the changes I am making and if it’s difficult for me or not.

Here goes nothing!